Lourdes Saraiva | Four Poems for Guitar

Luiz Mantovani

Video: Antônio Rosa
Audio: Renato Pimentel
Guitar: Hermann Hauser III 2004

Recorded at the Magic Place Studio and Teatro Ademir Rosa in Florianópolis, Brazil on 22 September 2021.

Four Poems for Guitar was written originally in 2011 for a composers’ workshop given by Swedish classical guitarist and composer, Stefan Östersjö at Rymer Auditorium, The University of York. A decade later, the piece was revised in collaboration with Brazilian guitarist, Luiz Mantovani, resulting in the work’s world premiere. As the title suggests, it is a four-movement piece, each movement reflecting a narrative stage: the introductory first movement, “De un caminante enfermo que se enamoró donde fue hospedado” (About an ill wayfarer who fell in love where he was lodging); followed by a transitional movement, “El peregrino” (The pilgrim); a climactic and impulsive movement, “Quantic leap”; and a conclusive and quiet movement, “A cherry tree in the autumn”. The first and second movements were based on a sixteenth-century Spanish poem; the third and fourth were based on musical gestures I selected from the first movement but were also associated with everyday life situations I experienced during the composition.

Lourdes Saraiva