Duo de Paula/Mantovani

The duo formed by flutist Michel de Paula and guitarist Luiz Mantovani was created in the early Nineties, when both musicians were undergraduate students in Brazil, and quickly established itself as one of the only steady flute and guitar duos performing in that country. Their selection as prizewinners at the Santa Marcelina National Chamber Music Competition in São Paulo led them to a recording of the piece Vitrais, by Brazilian composer Raul do Valle, written for the duo. Graduate studies in different parts of the globe made collaboration impossible until 2011 when they successfully resumed their partnership with a Southern-Brazil tour that included the national premiere of Ferdinand Rebay’s Sonata in D Major. In 2012, the Duo de Paula/Mantovani was selected to receive the Funarte Prize for Educational Concerts with the project Songs and Dances, having performed eight concerts in public schools of Santa Catarina State, Brazil. In addition to exploring well known works for flute and guitar, the duo aimed to enlarge the repertoire by commissioning new works from reputable composers. Their latest collaboration was Brazilian Landscapes No.12, by Brazilian composer Liduíno Pitombeira, which was premiered in Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall in 2012.